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ExPO Extinosad™ Pour-On

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ExPO Extinosad™ Pour-On

ExPO Extinosad™ Pour-On contains 20 g/L spinosad and due to spinosad’s unique mode of action provides knockdown control of lice. With no known field resistance to spinosad, ExPO Extinosad™ Pour-On controls lice on all breeds of sheep. ExPO Extinosad™ Pour-On has short withholding periods, allowing maximum flexibility in flock management including a long wool emergency treatment.

Key Product Benefits: 

  • Unique mode of action1  
  • Dose rates based on breed, wool length and liveweight 
  • An ideal rotation partner3 
  • Long wool emergency dose 

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Always read and follow the label directions.


MEAT:  Off-shears or with up to 3 months wool: NIL.  6 months wool or more 7 days

MILK:  35 


ExPO Extinosad™ Pour-On Important Information 

Find the information you need to incorporate ExPO Extinosad™ Pour-On as part of your sheep lice management program. Always read and follow the label instructions. 

ExPO Extinosad™ Pour-On 

For the control of lice on all breeds of sheep. 



Action: The active constituent in ExPO Extinosad™ Pour-On is spinosad. Spinosad is a member of the “Spinosyn” class of insecticides with a unique mode of action on the insect nervous system. 



Optimum lice control requires the application of good agricultural practice. This includes ensuring a complete muster so that no animals remain untreated, attention to stock security following treatment, quarantine treatment of new stock arrivals, thorough and accurate dipping management and utilising the principles of Integrated Pest Management recommended by Wool Pro. DO NOT mix treated sheep with untreated sheep. 

It is good agricultural practice not to treat animals when they are wet or if rain is likely. However moderate rainfall following treatment does not adversely affect the effectiveness of the product. Prolonged heavy rain following treatment may reduce efficacy. 

ExPO contains a blue dye to identify treated sheep. The dye is scourable from the wool. Do not leave container, hose or applicator in the sun for long periods of time. At the end of use, clean out the applicator, nozzle and hose by pumping through with clean water. 

Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

The SDS ExPO Extinosad™ features first aid measures, handling and storage instructions including recommended PPE, and transport advice. Read thoroughly before use of the product.

ExPO Extinosad™ SDS