Component® with Tylan®

Component® with Tylan®

Maximize and protect your implant investment. Regardless of market prices, it's essential to use proven high-return solutions. Component® with Tylan® improves performance and is the only implant that offers the added value of Tylan's ear abscess defense to protect and maximize your return on investment (ROI). Implants have shown to provide a 24:1 ROI and play a successful role in end-point management protocols.1 The Component with Tylan implant line offers solutions for both steers and heifers. Every implant includes a tylosin tartrate (Tylan) pellet that dissolves and releases an antibacterial throughout the implant site to reduce the incidence of abscesses.2,3

  • Component with Tylan implants include the below brands. For ingredient levels, view our Implant Comparison Guide below.
  • Complemented by Elanco's feed additives portfolio and services to optimize herd productivity.  

Packaging Sizes: Each box contains 100 doses.
Dosage: Administer one dose in the ear subcutaneously according to label directions.

Important Product Information

Learn more about how to properly administer, store and use Component with Tylan. See label for complete use guidelines, including all cautions and warnings. Always read, understand and follow the label and use directions.


To learn how to properly implant Component with Tylan, click here to view Elanco's Zero Defect Implanting® Critical Control Points.

Component with Tylan Product Labels

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Component with Tylan Product Information

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1 Duckett, S. et. al. 2013. "Anabolic implants and meat quality." Journal of Animal Science. 

2 Elanco Animal Health. Data on File. 2004. Study A0622.

3 Elanco Animal Health. Data on File. 2010. Study T1EUS090001.

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