Maximize performance for extended grazing or feeding periods. Encore® (estradiol) implants are sustained-release estrogen cattle implants that are an ideal fit for lightweight steer calves and long-fed Holstein steer programs. Encore offers a long-acting, convenient implant option.

  • Sustained growth and weight gain: Encore improves weight gain and feed efficiency with no impact on quality grade, even if calves are exposed to heat stress during the early growth stages.1
  • Long lasting: Encore lasts the entire feeding period up to 400 days.
  • Improved efficiency: Because only one implant is required, fewer times through the chute means less potential injury, lower labor costs, less disturbance of normal feeding behavior and lower stress.1

Packaging Sizes: Each box contains 100 doses.
Dosage: Administer one dose in the ear subcutaneously according to label directions.

Important Product Information

Learn more about how to properly administer, store and use Encore. See label for complete use guidelines, including all cautions and warnings. Always read, understand and follow the label and use directions.


To learn how to properly implant Encore, click here to view Elanco's Zero Defect Implanting® Critical Control Points.

Encore Product Information

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1 Beckett, J. and Brewer, R. et. al. 2003. "Effects of long-acting estrogen implant with and without trenbolone acetate on performance and carcass characteristics in Holstein steers." J. Anim. sci. 86(suppl. 1): 211.

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