Fly Season Solutions

Keeping pests away from your livestock is crucial for their well-being and the biosecurity of your facilities. Elanco can provide you with the information and products you need to help control these pests.

Flies are often an underestimated menace to cattle producers and can significantly impact the wellbeing and profitability of the herd through: 

  • Reduced Weight Gain
  • Reduced Milk Production 
  • Disease Transmission 

Fly infestations cause agitation and discomfort which interrupts grazing resulting in compromised nutrition and production losses.

Yearling weights can be reduced by up to 18%¹ contributing to $1 billion annual losses to the US Livestock producers due to horn flies². Add to this that stable flies cost producers an estimated $2.2 billion annually², and it is evident that flies are more than just a nuisance for the cattle industry.

Managing flies and other pests with a targeted control point approach is an important step. Elanco offers multiple insecticide products to help keep your cattle and facilities clear of flies. Check out our insecticide portfolio to take control.

Insecticide Cattle Ear Tags


Corathon® is an organophosphate insecticide cattle ear tag with FyberTek® for the control of flies and ticks on both beef cattle and non-lactating dairy cattle.

CyLence Ultra

CyLence Ultra® is a pyrethroid insecticide cattle ear tag controls face flies, horn flies, Gulf Coast ticks and spinose ear ticks on cattle, including lactating dairy cattle.


Patriot™ is an organophosphate insecticide Cattle Ear Tags are for use with both beef and non-lactating dairy cattle for the control of horn flies and other pests listed on the label.

Our Complete Fly Control Portfolio

Agita® 10 WG:

An insecticide used to reduce flies in and around facilities.

Catron® IV:

An aerosol insecticide that controls flies and ticks.

Co-Ral® Fly & Tick Spray:

Insecticide for use on cattle to control lice, flies and ticks.

CyLence® SC Ultra Concentrate:

An insecticide concentrate used in facilities to control flies and ticks.

Elector® PSP Premise Spray:

An insecticide spray used to control flies.

Permectrin® II:

An insecticide concentrate used to kill lice, flies and ticks.

Rabon® 50 WP:

A water-soluble insecticide powder used to aid in the control of lice, flies and ticks.

Ravap® EC*:

Insecticide spray for use on cattle to aid in the control of lice, flies and ticks.

Vapona® Concentrate*:

An insecticide concentrate used on cattle and cattle facilities to reduce fly infestations.

*RESTRICTED USE PESTICIDE: Due to primary eye and primary dermal toxicity. For retail sale to and use only by a certified applicator or persons under the direct

supervision and only for those uses covered by the Certified Applicator's Certification.

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