Hemicell® (β-mannanase) is a nutrient-sparing enzyme that breaks down β-mannans. β-Mannans (beta-galactomannans) are antinutritive fibers found in common feed ingredients, including soybean meal.1  β-Mannans have a molecular pattern similar to some pathogens, which triggers a Feed-Induced Immune Response (FIIR) in poultry2-3 and swine.2,4-7 This unnecessary innate immune system stimulation consumes energy and other valuable nutrients.

Don't Waste Energy on False Alarms

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Breaks Down ß-Mannans

Since Hemicell breaks down β-mannans, energy is not wasted on feed-induced immune response (FIIR).

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Helps Animals Channel More Energy for Growth

Energy and nutrients that would be used to respond to FIIR can be used for poultry growth and performance.8

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Can Be Used With Other Products

It is safe for use with other nonstarch polysaccharide (NSP) enzymes and antibiotics.

Choose Hemicell to break down β-mannans in poultry and swine diets, so energy is not wasted on FIIR.

Choose From Multiple Formulations To Meet Your Needs

Hemicell is available in dry and liquid formulations — including a heat-tolerant version — offering flexibility in use and dose range. 

Hemicell® HT

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Breaks down β-mannans commonly found in feed ingredients resulting in normal immune function which saves energy for growth and performance.

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Breaks down β-mannans and xylans in soybean/corn meal and wheat/rice/triticale diets.

The labels contain complete use information, including cautions and warnings. Always read, understand and follow the labels and use directions.

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