Rumensin® for Beef Cattle

For over 26 years, producers have trusted Elanco’s Rumensin® to deliver consistent, dependable results that add more profit potential to their bottom line. The findings from more than 400 Elanco research studies have shown the value for producers to include Rumensin in ever-changing feed programs and management systems. See the benefits of feeding Rumensin in your beef operation.


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Rumensin Beef Product Profile Sheet

Premix for use in cattle.

IMPORTANT: Must be thoroughly mixed in feeds before use.

For improved efficiency in beef cattle (steers and heifers) fed in confinement for slaughter: To be fed as a complete diet.* Feed continuously at a rate of not less than 33 g and not more than 48 g monensin activity per tonne (1,000 kg) until animals reach market weight.

As an aid in the prevention of coccidiosis caused by Eimeria bovis and Eimeria zuernii: To be fed as a complete diet.* Feed continuously at a rate of 22 g monensin activity per tonne (1,000 kg) during periods of exposure to coccidiosis or when coccidiosis is likely to be a hazard.

For increased rate of weight gain in growing cattle on pasture (slaughter, stocker and feeder cattle, and beef replacement heifers) of greater than 180 kg (400 lb) body weight: To be fed in a medicated supplement. Hand feed at 200 mg of monensin activity per head per day in medicated supplement.

*Complete diet: includes complete feed plus roughage.

For complete mixing directions, feeding directions, cautions and warnings, please refer to the product label.