Leaders in Poultry Health  

Raising healthy, uniform flocks is an operational priority. Our trusted products, technical support, and data-driven insights are all designed to support your productivity — by helping you keep birds healthy, prevent disease, and optimize food safety. 

  • Establish Intestinal Integrity and prevent harmful diseases such as coccidiosis and necrotic enteritis

  • Expert advice and products for fly and litter beetle management.

  • Improve food safety at all stages of production. 

Elanco Poultry Services

Our services equip you with the tools to prevent, treat, and control challenges across your poultry operations to help you meet production and welfare goals.

Elanco’s Health Tracking System (HTSi)

Benchmark and score your birds' intestinal health through data capture and monitoring using Elanco's industry-leading Health Tracking System (HTSi). 

Feed Assays

Elanco's Feed Assays service samples and evaluates your medicated feeds to ensure your birds are receiving the correct dosage every time. 

Product Support

Animal health impacts the health of people & the planet. To help poultry farmers raise healthy flocks, users can contact us with any product or quality concerns.

How to Contact Us 

If you want to find out more about our products and services, please contact one of our representatives today.