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DEX40™ for the treatment of ketosis in cattle. Only available from your local veterinary clinic.

Key Product Benefits:

  • Treatment of ketosis
  • Energy supplementation
  • Sterile metabolic solution

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Inject up to 500mL by the slow intravenous route. Intravenous use of metabolic solutions may be hazardous to the animal and advice from a veterinary surgeon should be sought before administration.

If complete recovery does not occur seek veterinary advice.

DEX40™ Important Information

Find the information you need to incorporate DEX40™ into your metabolic treatment plan.
Always read and follow the label directions.


DEX40™ for the treatment of ketosis in cattle.

Active Constituents:

Each litre contains: dextrose 400g

Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

The SDS for DEX40™ features first aid measures, handling and storage instructions including recommended PPE, and transport advice. Read thoroughly before use of the product.

Dex40 SDS