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Elanco's comprehensive portfolio of products helps you overcome today's health, welfare, production and food safety challenges for optimal animal health and sustainable business performance.

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Our trusted products and technical support are all designed to support your productivity — by helping you keep animals healthy, prevent disease and optimize food safety.

Leaders in worm management

Expert advice and products for prevention and treatment of iron deficiency anaemia and coccidiosis control in piglets

Expert advice in management of coccidiosis

Elanco Swine Product Portfolio

Elanco provides a range of products supported by technical expertise to manage lice, fly and worm burdens in your flock.


Only Available Under Veterinary Authorisation. Hideject™ as an aid in the prevention of milk fever and to increase resistance to infection at parturition in cows, ewes and sows.

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Ovuprost™ for luteolysis of functional corpora lutea in cows, mares and sows. For use with ProM8, Prosynch and Oestrus synchrony programmes.

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