PenPoint™ Sort System

PenPoint™ Sort System

Rely on data-driven results to help maximize your profitability. Backed by research and built for the toughest feedyard environments, PenPoint™ Sort is a hands-free, on-chute technology that optimizes sorting decisions at the speed of processing. PenPoint Sort incorporates compositional metrics for more accurate and informed lot management, while finding consistency in meeting finishing targets.

Key Product Features

  • Equipment is compatible with existing feedyard processing chutes and scales.
  • No manual measurement or additional chute-side operators required.
  • Syncs with web-based Feedlot Manager web application for real-time monitoring.
  • English and Spanish language capabilities.

The Value of Compositional Sorting

PenPoint™ Sort helps producers minimize risk and maximize return on their investment. By classifying, sorting and projecting cattle into homogenous feeding cohorts, there is greater opportunity for optimally finished cattle that avoid costly quality grade discounts. This technology could have significant impact by generating an additional $10-$40 per head.1

Additional Sellable Pounds

Increased live and hot carcass weights.1

Optimally Finished Cattle

More consistent size and composition at marketing.2

More Premiums

When sold on a grid, these attributes deliver fewer discounts.2

Higher Returns

When sold live, cattle return more value.2

PenPoint™ Sort Overview

Watch how you can integrate PenPoint™ Sort into your cattle operation.

System Functions

How PenPoint™ Sort Works

After installation on your current chute, the hand-free system records animal measurements and syncs to a cloud-based software platform. Sorting decisions are made automatically 5 to 10 seconds after the animal is secured.

A chute-side monitor displays what harvest group the animal was assigned to in English or Spanish based on preselected parameters.

PenPoint™ Sort measurement equipment captures animal weights and measurements.

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Penpoint Sort Detailer

PenPoint™ Sort Detailer

Access more information on PenPoint™ Sort in this downloadable fact sheet.

Penpoint Market

PenPoint™ Market

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1 A subset of data from an Elanco industry standard population database.
2 Garcia, D., Garrison, M., Swingle, R. The Value of Group-Based Cattle Sorting.[BF1] [KK2]  2005.
3 PenPoint data. Randomly selected across yards, years and lots.

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