The Leave it Better™ initiative is the overarching program that supports Elanco's sustainability outreach. It's a real-world illustration of action towards Elanco's Healthy Purpose™ – the framework of commitments focused on advancing the well-being of animals, people and the planet in order to realize Elanco’s vision of ‘Food and companionship enriching life’.


Is a calculator to quantify producers' carbon footprint on their farm operation. UpLook allows producers the opportunities to monetize their carbon credits.


The first feed additive of its kind to reduce ammonia gas emissions from an animal and its waste.


Rumensin improves beef and dairy farmers' productivity by allowing farms to produce more beef and dairy products using fewer natural resources.


A unique and patented enzyme that aids in the reduction of C02 for swine and poultry operations.2


Provides an increased rate of growth and improved feed efficiency in swine operations - reducing on-farm feed requirements.


A dual-chemical mixture that aids in the prevention of coccidiosis.

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