Neporex pack shot


Neporex® disrupts the fly life cycle, stopping larvae from developing and preventing the proliferation of the fly population.¹﹐²

Key Product Benefits:

  • Easy-to-apply design
  • Prevents fly larvae development 
  • Versatile applications  


  • 250 g


  • Consult the product label for full application instructions across species and conditions.  
  • For Spraying: Apply 20 g of Neporex dissolved in 2 L of water per area 20 m2
  • For Watering: Apply 20 g of Neporex dissolved in 20 L of water per area 20 m2
  • Coverage: Apply 1 g of Neporex dissolved in 5 L of water

Why Choose Neporex®? 

Neporex® is a highly selective, easy-to-apply insect growth regulator for fly larvae with no negative impact on predatory insects when used according to the label.3  

Flexible dose range
Neporex® is available in two easy-to-use formulations.

Neporex® is part of Elanco’s integrated approach to disrupt multiple stages of the fly life cycle, resulting in excellent fly control.  

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Directions for Use

Find out how to administer Neporex® correctly and safely. 

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