Health Tracking System (HTSi)

Elanco's HTSi is a globally recognized benchmarking tool that helps track and evaluate broiler health for improved monitoring of bird health and performance.

HTSi and Your Business   

Elanco's HTSi is an established and independently verified broiler benchmarking platform that incorporates multiple lesions to assess gut health, locomotor function, immune status, respiratory stability and bird welfare to maximize broiler performance and profitability.1

Advanced HTSi Modelling 

HTSi's robust benchmarking and data insights help deliver optimal business performance and margin by helping customers identify when and where interventions are required to optimize broiler health.

Bird Health Surveillance

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HTSi is a surveillance system that takes a snapshot of bird health through lesion scoring. This measures the severity of conditions such as coccidiosis, as well as tracking other critical areas of pathology to give improved understanding of the challenges faced by the birds as well as how they are responding to it. 

Defined and Standardized Parameters 

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An evaluation is carried out on a small group of representative birds to give a greater indication of the performance of the entire flock. Each evaluation looks at a defined and standardized set of parameters to accurately and consistently capture data about multiple aspects of bird health, including intestinal, respiratory, immune system, cardiovascular and skeletal.

Deriving an Intestinal Integrity (I2) Score

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The I2 score is a unique, weighted index that assesses the intestinal health of flocks in the HTSi. It combines scores from over 20 intestinal lesion scores, including coccidiosis, to evaluate a bird's overall gut health by assessing how the combination of multiple lesions is impacting bird performance, rather than analyzing each lesion in isolation.

Identifying Trends and Opportunities

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Using the HTSi system, track changes in the I2 score over time to monitor flock performance and identify trends and opportunities for improvement. We work closely with your business to identify and overcome challenges at a granular level, helping to minimize the impact of coccidiosis and other lesions on broiler performance.  

HTSi's data management platform enables better understanding of flock gut health and the impact of coccidiosis to drive timely, data-based decisions that support improved operational performance.  

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1 Kasab-Bachi H, Arrudab A, Robertsa T, Wilsona J. (2017). The use of large databases to inform the development of an intestinal scoring system for the poultry industry.  

Preventive Veterinary Medicine, 146, pp. 130–135 

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