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Leaders in Poultry Health  

Raising healthy, uniform flocks is an operational priority. Our trusted products, technical support and data-driven insights are all designed to support your productivity — by helping you keep birds healthy, prevent disease and optimize food safety.  

  • control and fight salmonella
    Manage the risk from foodborne pathogens like Salmonella

  • Improve intestinal integrity and overall health
    Establish Intestinal Integrity and prevent harmful diseases 

  • Increased resistance to diseases
    Improve respiratory health and minimize immunosuppression

Elanco Poultry Programs  

You know all too well that raising a healthy, profitable flock extends beyond products for treating and controlling disease. Our range of value-added programs and unique data-driven tools have been developed to help prevent disease and reduce mortality rates safely and effectively across your poultry operations.  

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Salmonella 360°

Elanco's Salmonella 360° program provides a holistic approach to Salmonella control and prevention, driving food safety at every stage of your operation to optimize performance.  

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Mycoplasma Toolbox Platform 

Explore our Mycoplasma Toolbox Platform for a customized set of products and programs that can help you effectively prevent mycoplasma infections in your operations.  

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Intestinal Integrity (I²) Index 

Benchmark and score your birds' intestinal health through data capture and monitoring using Elanco's industry-leading Health Tracking System (HTSi) with the Intestinal Integrity (I²) Index.  

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