Helping Sustain Beef’s Legacy

Elanco offers science-led solutions for animal health, economic performance and operational sustainability. 

Right for cattle. Right by you. 

Whether you’re a cow-calf operator, stocker/backgrounder or managing a feedyard, Elanco provides solutions that are right for cattle, right by you – because healthy and productive cattle are good for your business. 

 Elanco customizes solutions to each operation, striving for healthier cattle, economic performance and sustainable operations. 

  • Keep your heard healthy
    Healthier Cattle

    Diverse solutions for advancing animal health.  

  • Cost-effective
    Economic Performance

    Comprehensive resources for improved efficiency.  

  • Efficient, sustainable food production
    Sustainable Operations

    Improved financial outcomes and carbon footprint. 

  • Respect
    Tools for Every Herd

    Customized to the dynamic needs of each operator.  

Cow / Calf

Cow calf

Optimize reproductive health and bring healthy calves to market with Elanco’s portfolio of resources, such as vaccines, implants, parasite management and a diverse line of BRD anti-infectives. 

Stocker / Backgrounder

Cow close up

Reduce parasite burdens, improve weight gain and manage disease challenges such as BRD with a comprehensive portfolio of solutions for cattle on pasture.   



Improve the health of feedlot cattle, economic performance and your overall sustainability with the Elanco portfolio of feed additives, implants, parasite control and BRD solutions.  

Beef Services

Providing valued services to beef operators, including nutritionist consultation, veterinary support and data analysis. 

About Elanco

Learn more about solutions that help producers protect and enhance animal health, productivity and business sustainability.

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