Comprehensive Feedyard Solutions

Elanco provides ideal end-point management solutions for cattle during the finishing phase of production.

Feedyard Solutions

Economic Performance

Proven solutions to improve feed efficiency and optimize performance, helping generate greater net income.

BRD Solutions

Learn more about Elanco’s solutions to prevent, treat and control bovine respiratory disease.


Check out Elanco’s full line of fly, lice, tick and internal parasite control products.



See how Elanco is helping to advance the beef industry’s environmental stewardship efforts.


Fly Control

Elanco offers comprehensive fly control solutions, backed by parasiticide application and expertise



Not approved for use in breeding animals because safety and effectiveness have not been evaluated in these animals. Do not allow horses or other equines access to feed containing Experior. A decrease in dry matter intake may be noticed in some animals.

The label contains complete use information, including cautions and warnings. Always read, understand and follow the label, and use directions.

For the reduction of ammonia gas emissions per pound of live weight and hot carcass weight in beef steers and heifers fed in confinement for slaughter during the last 14 to 91 days on feed.