Confidence in Your Risk Management and Business

Elanco's comprehensive portfolio of products and services helps you overcome today's poultry challenges and be confident in your operation's success in the ever-changing poultry industry.

A Comprehensive Approach to Poultry Health

At Elanco, we provide dependable solutions to help you overcome the poultry health challenges that matter.  

Improve intestinal integrity and overall health

Establish and protect Intestinal Integrity

control and fight salmonella

Prevent Salmonella contamination  

Maximize Profitability and Business

Improve pest control and bioprotection practices  

Long-lasting control 

Minimize immunosuppression and respiratory diseases  

We combine industry expertise with a comprehensive portfolio of products and services, allowing poultry producers to find the right solutions for their operations to increase food safety, minimize costly disease outbreaks and optimize flock performance.  

Maximizing Food Safety

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Increase food safety at every stage of your operation by minimizing the risk of Salmonella contamination with robust vaccine technologies and effective bioprotection solutions.

Increase Flock Performance

Turkeys eating from feeders

Maximize the performance of your flocks with solutions that improve overall health, resulting in increased feed conversion and improved weight gain.

Optimize Flock Health

Group of baby chicks

Improve the health of your flocks by establishing and protecting Intestinal Integrity, preventing costly disease outbreaks and minimizing immunosuppression.  

A Solution for Every Flock 

We develop end-to-end solutions to help poultry producers meet demands and overcome the most important broiler, breeder, layer and turkey challenges.  


Reduce respiratory and immunosuppressive threats, increase hatchery performance and protect the progeny with a comprehensive portfolio of products to prevent Salmonella vertical transmission and increase overall flock health. 

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