Poultry Salmonella Vaccination Effectiveness in a Changing Regulatory Environment

Headshot Of Poultry Technical Consultant Dr. Bill Potter

Posted by Bill D. Potter, MBA, MS, PhD on 18 April, 2024


USDA FSIS announced new initiatives to reduce Salmonella illnesses attributable to poultry to help achieve Key Performance Indicators for Healthy People 2030. Some of these strategies include increased focus on preharvest interventions and quantitative measures of Salmonella loads. In this video, Dr. Bill Potter shares updates from both controlled research and real-world field applications, providing insight on how using vaccines effectively can help address Salmonella loads and serotypes of concern.

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Bill D. Potter, MBA, MS, PhD

Dr. Potter received his Ph.D. and M.S. degrees in poultry science from the University of Arkansas, and a B.S. in animal science with an MBA from Texas A&M. His areas of expertise include food safety, food quality and pathogen intervention technologies.



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