Working Together for Food Safety

Controlling foodborne pathogens is the responsibility of the entire poultry production chain — from farm to processing, we all have a role to play. Elanco can help. We offer a variety of food safety products for poultry production, including insecticides, feed additives, conventional and autogenous vaccines.

Leading the Shared Effort To Control Salmonella in Chickens and Turkeys

It takes the entire poultry industry — both live-side and processing — working together to best protect consumers from the devastating effects of Salmonella. That's why Elanco works closely with integrated poultry companies to help reduce Salmonella at the source: the farm.

Customized Autogenous Vaccines

Effective Salmonella Control

Unmatched Expertise

Continuous Improvement

Elanco is committed to helping poultry producers control Salmonella as part of a holistic strategy that includes vaccines, biosecurity, feed additives and insect control. Our experts bring a wealth of knowledge, built on decades of experience in the lab, on the farm and in the processing facility.

Elanco’s Three-Pronged Approach to Food Safety

Elanco can help you bolster food safety with three categories of products: Salmonella vaccines, autogenous vaccines, insecticides, and feed additives.

Salmonella Control in Poultry

When used as part of a comprehensive Food Safety strategy, Salmonella vaccines have proven to reduce Salmonella in birds being processed. That's especially true of Salmonella B and D serotypes, which are the most harmful to humans and hardest to eliminate with in-plant interventions.

Preventing Salmonella Outbreaks Takes All of Us

It takes the entire poultry industry working together to prevent a devastating Salmonella outbreak. Elanco’s Salmonella eBook explains the role vaccines play in helping reduce the amount of Salmonella contamination brought to the processing plant, which gives in-plant interventions a much greater chance of being effective.