Insecticides That Protect Your Birds

Trust Elanco’s broad portfolio of insecticides to control pests, like flies, beetles and more, while reducing the risk of resistance.

Effective Fly and Beetle Control for Poultry Farms

Elanco's experts draw on a portfolio of best-in-class insecticides to help you defend your poultry operations against insect-borne threats to your success. Preventing flies and beetles from damaging your facilities and the performance of your poultry requires an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program that includes:

Inspect and carefully observe the type of insects causing concerns and where they congregate.

Mechanically sanitize to remove breeding areas for flies, such as manure, water leaks and feed spills.

Appropriate product rotation to minimize resistance with the use of adulticides, larvicides, and insect growth regulators applied at the correct times to the correct locations.

Monitor and evaluate current control programs and react accordingly.

Make Elanco insecticides and expert advice the cornerstones of your comprehensive approach to pest management.

Get Top-Quality Insecticides That Attack Adults and Eggs/Larvae

Elanco’s industry-leading products and technical expertise can help you control diseases and reduce damages caused by flies and beetles.

Don't Let Flies Damage Your Poultry Operation Performance

It’s estimated that flies cost global livestock and poultry production industry billions of dollars in losses each year.1 Not only do flies spread disease, they also create nuisances that cause animals to waste energy and disrupt normal feeding.

Prevent Damage

Prevent damage and the introduction of food-borne pathogens to your poultry facilities through proper beetle control. Elanco has the products and expertise to help control beetles in poultry houses.

Reduce Headaches and Economic Losses Caused by Darkling Beetles

Poultry House Near Corn Field Using EPA-Regulated Pesticide Products

Darkling beetles are a common nuisance in broiler and turkey production. Discover how to control these pests with management strategies and insecticides.

The label contains complete use information, including cautions and warnings. Always read, understand and follow the label and use directions.