Respiratory Disease Control in Poultry

Elanco’s respiratory vaccines offer poultry producers the confidence of protection in the face of respiratory challenges. Whether protecting your current flock or providing passive immunity to the next generation, we have the vaccines that will help ensure the health of your birds.

Protecting Against Respiratory Disease in Chickens and Turkeys

Specialized Emulsification for Vaccines

Manufactured with technology that reduces the reaction at the injection site.

Live & Inactivated Poultry Vaccines

Offering both kinds of vaccines to ensure customers have access to the best respiratory disease solutions for the health of commercial and breeder flocks.

The Industry’s Top Technical Team

As Elanco customers, you’ll have the support of a team dedicated to helping you identify and overcome challenges with the best products and practices.

Elanco’s portfolio of respiratory disease control products ensure that you have powerful, safe vaccines to tackle specialized health concerns within your flock.

Get a Broad Range of Protection for Your Flock

Elanco’s AviPro® respiratory vaccines provide the tools needed to aid in prevention of fowl cholera, Newcastle disease, infectious coryza, infectious bronchitis (Arkansas, Connecticut and Massachusetts types), laryngotracheitis and Mycoplasma gallisepticum.

AviPro® 101 Coryza Gold

Vaccine for the prevention of infectious coryza due to Avibacterium paragallinarum.

AviPro® 104 MG Bacterin

Inactivated bacterial vaccine for control of clinical signs associated with Mycoplasma gallisepticum (air sacculitis).

AviPro® 108 FC3 Platinum

Inactivated bacterial vaccine for the prevention of fowl cholera caused by Pasteurella multocida type 1 in chickens and types 4 and 3X4 in turkeys.

AviPro® 233 ND-PMV3 Concentrate

Inactivated viral vaccine for the prevention of Newcastle disease and disease caused by avian paramyxovirus type 3.

AviPro® 304 ND-IB-MG

Inactivated viral and bacterial vaccine to aid in the prevention of Newcastle disease, infectious bronchitis (Mass. type) and Mycoplamsa gallisepticum.

AviPro® IB Ark

Live viral vaccine to aid in the prevention of infectious bronchitis, Ark. type.

AviPro® ND IB Polybanco

Live viral vaccine to aid in the prevention of Newcastle disease and infectious bronchitis, Mass. and Conn. types.

AviPro® ND IB Sohol

Helps in the prevention of Newcastle disease and the Mass. type of infectious bronchitis.

AviPro® LT

Effective for vaccination of healthy chickens against infectious laryngotracheitis.

AviPro® MG F

Helps in the prevention of clinical signs of Mycoplasma gallisepticum (MG) infection in chickens.

AviPro® ND Visota

Live viral vaccine for aid in the prevention of Newcastle disease.

The labels contain complete use information, including cautions and warnings. Always read, understand and follow the labels and directions for use.

AviPro is a trademark of Elanco or its affiliates.