AviPro® Autogenous Vaccines

AviPro® Autogenous Vaccines

For poultry producers who require a customized and flexible way to address unmet needs, Elanco’s autogenous vaccines provide customized, easy-to-use bacterial or viral vaccines for diseases that cannot be addressed with commercially available vaccines.

Key Features:

  • Customized Vaccines — Products made to meet your unique disease challenge.
  • A Clear Production Timeline  You’ll know when your vaccines will be ready and get updated communication along the way.
  • Expert Support — Get full support from Elanco’s vaccine experts throughout the process.
  • Flexible Use —  Customize the emulsion, antigens, and serial size that fit your specific need. 

Learn More About Autogenous Vaccines

Get more information on how autogenous vaccines can help keep your poultry flock healthy.

Elanco Autogenous Vaccine Guide

This comprehensive overview of Elanco’s autogenous vaccine program will help you decide if our autogenous program is right for your operation.

Autogenous Capabilities Support Poultry Industry

Autogenous vaccines allow you to customize your vaccine program based on field challenges. Learn how this tool can support your operation.

Fight Unique Disease Challenges With Autogenous Vaccines

Contact your Elanco representative to learn how autogenous vaccines can benefit your operation. To locate the closest representative or get more information about Elanco poultry products, contact us.

The labels contain complete use information, including cautions and warnings. Always read, understand and follow the labels and directions for use.

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