If coccidiosis is a major problem with your poultry, knock it down with Clinacox®, the one-cycle solution for getting Intestinal Integrity back on track. Available from Elanco, proven and powerful Clinacox gives a fresh start to your cocci control program if you’re experiencing waning effectiveness.

Key features

  • Strong, Effective Treatment  Clinacox cleans up stubborn coccidiosis and helps improve your poultry operation’s Intestinal Integrity (I2) score. 
  • Use in Sequence with Other Ionophores or Chemicals   Use Clinacox for one cycle to reset coccidiosis management and follow it with other ionophores or chemicals  to maintain long-term coccidiosis control.
  • Use Clinacox Judiciously  Due to Clinacox’s mode of action against cocci parasites, partner with your Elanco technical consultant to manage your program appropriately.

Regain Control and Reset Management of Coccidiosis in Poultry With Clinacox

Clinacox is designed for one-cycle use to help reset coccidiosis prevention programs. 

One-Cycle Reset

Powerful Clinacox can destroy coccidiosis and establish a new starting point for your cocci management efforts.

Use in Sequence With other Ionophores and Chemicals

Following Clinacox with other ionophores or chemicals can protect the intestinal integrity in chickens and turkeys by providing effective coccidia control, resulting in improved feed conversion leading to the potential for a higher return on investment.1

Strong, Effective Treatment

Clinacox cleans up stubborn coccidiosis in just one cycle and helps improve your poultry operation’s Intestinal Integrity (I2) score.

Use Clinacox Judiciously

Due to Clinacox’s mode of action against cocci parasites, partner with your Elanco technical consultant to manage your program appropriately.

Learn More About Clinacox

Get more information on how Clinacox coccidiosis treatment can help keep your poultry flock healthy.

Clinacox Product Label

Important use and safety information for Clinacox (diclazuril).

Clinacox Safety Data Sheet

Information includes guidelines for the safe use, handling and storage of Clinacox.

Get Clinacox, the Powerful Poultry Anticoccidial

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Usage Information
The label contains complete use information, including cautions and warnings. Always read, understand and follow the label and use directions.

Clinacox Directions for use:

Broiler chickens: For the prevention of coccidiosis caused by Eimeria tenella, E. necatrix, E. acervulina, E. brunetti, E. mitis (mivati) and E. maxima.

Because diclazuril is effective against E. maxima later in its life cycle, subclinical intestinal lesions may be present for a short time after infection. Diclazuril was shown in studies to reduce lesion scores and improve performance and health of birds challenged with E. maxima.

Growing Turkeys: For the prevention of coccidiosis caused by Eimeria adenoeides, E. gallopavonis and E. meleagrimitis.

To manufacture a Type C medicated feed directly from the Type A medicated article: Thoroughly mix one pound (1 lb) of Clinacox (0.2% diclazuril) into each ton of complete feed to provide 0.91 g/ton (1 ppm) of diclazuril (use level). It is recommended that an intermediate mix containing one part Clinacox and not less than nine parts appropriate feed ingredient be thoroughly mixed before incorporation into the final feed.

To manufacture a Type B medicated feed and then a Type C medicated feed: Thoroughly mix 200 lbs of Clinacox (0.2% diclazuril) with 1800 lbs unmedicated feed to produce 2000 lbs of Type B medicated feed containing 182 g/ton (200 ppm) diclazuril. Thoroughly mix 10 lbs of the resulting Type B medicated feed with 1990 lbs of unmedicated feed to produce 2000 lbs of Type C medicated feed containing 0.91 g/ton (1 ppm) diclazuril.

The resulting Type C medicated feed should be fed continuously as the sole ration.


Do not feed to breeding turkeys.
No withdrawal period is required when used according to labeling.
Do not feed to birds producing eggs for human consumption.

Clinacox is a trademark of Elanco or its affiliates.