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Agita™100 Plus Fly Spray and Paint-On

Agita™100 Plus Fly Spray and Paint-On

Agita™ 100 Plus is a fast-acting fly control product effective against adult house flies (Musca domestica) in animal housing including dairies, cattle feedlots, abattoirs, piggeries, poultry facilities, horse stables and kennels. Agita™ contains thiamethoxam, as well as sugar and a powerful sex pheromone (Z-9-tricosene) that attracts flies to feed on the product.

Key Product Benefits:

  • Kills adult flies within minutes1
  • Includes sugar and a sex pheromone to attract flies
  • Versatile application options
  • Nil withholding periods when used according to label directions

Pack Size

1 kg


Fly Spray & Paint On

Agita™ 100 Plus Important Information

Find the information you need to use Agita™ as part of an integrated fly control program that incorporates management and sanitary practices.  Always read the product label thoroughly before use for maximum safety and efficacy.

Dosage and administration

Full directions for use, including restraints, can be found on the label.

Always read and follow the label directions.

Withholding Periods

Zero (0) Days

Product label

Download Product Label

Please refer to the registered label for full directions of use.

Where to Buy Agita™ 100 Plus?

Contact your local Elanco Representative to find your nearest store.

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