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Welcome to this month's edition of The Parasight. We’re taking parasite-threat updates to the next level with our new collaboration with post-mortem vet Ben Strugnell BVM&S Cert PM MRCVS from Farm Post Mortems, who will share with us timely, on-the-ground footage.

Understanding what’s actually happening in flocks around the UK will give you more insights on what you should be looking out for with your own animals.

Watch outs in lambs - pasteurella, coccidiosis, and worms (plus faecal egg counting) - June 2024

Description: This month, Ben’s focus is on sheep diseases. He covers pasteurellosis in lambs and its negative impacts, the most appropriate times to vaccinate, and worms such as nematodirus. Ben also explains how to check if your worming treatments are effective, emphasising the importance of timing your faecal samples correctly. Also, there was a discussion around the importance of accurately weighing, and calibrating equipment properly to avoid underdosing.


Wake Up To Worm Resistance

Wake Up To Worm Resistance

Protect the future of UK sheep farming with industry-led advice

Cattle at risk of worms

Managing worms in cattle

Worm burdens can cause productivity losses and affect growth rates in youngstock.

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