Managing worms in sheep for healthy flocks.

Worms in sheep can have a major impact on flock health and productivity. Find out more about challenges and Elanco product solutions.

Managing worms in sheep

Read how to manage nematodirus and other worms by using anthelmintic sheep wormers in a sustainable approach to worm control.

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Wake up to wormer resistance in sheep

Protect the future of UK sheep farming with industry-led advice, and learn why farmers believe Zolvix is worth every penny.
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Sheep at risk of worms including roundworms

What are roundworms?

Find out more about roundworms in sheep.

Could it be nematodirus in lambs?

Could it be Nematodirus?

Find out more about this serious disease in lambs.

Which sheep wormer, when?

Use the right wormer at the right time.

Elanco Sheep Wormer Checker to select which wormer when

Use the Sheep Wormer Checker

Select the most appropriate wormer for your flock using the Sheep Wormer Selector

Faecal Egg Counting indicates the worm burden in sheep

Faecal Egg Counting

Test, don't guess: faecal egg count to check worm burdens and the need to treat for worms.

Sheep Wormer Products

Elanco's sheep wormers control roundworms to help keep your flock healthy.

Zolvix orange 4-AD sheep wormer contains monepantelZolvix orange sheep wormer contains monepantel


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Group 4-AD orange wormer for use as a quarantine or mid-late break dose in sheep/lambs.

Combinex™ Oral Suspension contains 3.75% w/v levamisole hydrochloride and 5% w/v triclabendazole. Legal category: POM-VPS. 
Fasimec™ Duo 50 mg/ml + 1 mg/ml Oral Suspension for Sheep contains 50 mg/ml triclabendazoleand 1 mg/ml ivermectin. Legal category: POM-VPS. 
Rycoben™ SC for Sheep contains 2.5% w/v albendazole oxide (ricobendazole), 1.8% w/v cobalt sulphate and 0.097% w/v sodium selenite. Legal category: POM-VPS. 
Supaverm™ Oral Suspension contains 5% w/v closantel and 7.5% w/v mebendazole. Legal category: POM-VPS.
Zolvix™ 25mg/ml oral solution is a broad spectrum anthelmintic for the treatment of gastro-intestinal nematode infections and associated diseases in sheep including lambs, hoggets, breeding rams and ewes. Legal category: POM-VPS. 

Information regarding the side effects, precautions, warnings and contra-indications can be found in product packaging and leaflets; further information can also be found in the Summary of Product Characteristics. Advice should be sought from the medicine prescriber prior to use. Use medicines responsibly.
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