Dairy cows and sheep grazing

Healthy Sheep, Cattle and Dairy Cows

Parasites and disease have devastating effects on the welfare and productivity of sheep, cattle and dairy cows.

Through our products and services, we improve the health of animals by supporting the prevention, control and treatment of disease. 

So, whether you are looking for the longest-lasting blowfly control, a flukicide to control all stages of liver fluke or a sheep wormer from one of the newer classes, we have the solution for you.

Sheep at risk of parasites including worms


We strive to support sheep farmers optimise flock health and productivity through preventing blowfly strike, treating flies, lice and mange, and sustainably managing worms or liver fluke in sheep

Beef cattle at risk of parasites


Our range of parasiticides target worms, liver fluke, flies, lice and mange, all of which can cause productivity losses in cattle herds and affect growth rates in youngstock.

Dairy cows at risk of parasites including liver fluke and worms


Our products and services for dairy cows help farmers to prevent disease and maximise herd health, fertility and productivity to optimise the herd’s potential.

Elanco Product Portfolio

Whether for preventing blowfly strike in sheep, controlling liver fluke or preventing ketosis in dairy cows, discover how Elanco’s portfolio of products help keep your animals healthy.

CLiK EXTRA for the treatment and control of blowfly strike in sheepCLiK EXTRA Pour On Suspension for prevention of blowfly strike in sheep

CLiK™ EXTRA Pour On Suspension

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CLiK EXTRA delivers 19 weeks protection against blowfly strike in sheep.

Fasinex 240 for fluke control in cattleFasinex 240 for fluke control in cattle

Fasinex™ 240 Oral Suspension

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Flukicide for beef and dry dairy cattle; kills all 3 stages of fluke down to 2 days.

Flypor for fly control in cattleFlypor for fly control in cattle


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For the control of flies, sarcoptic & chorioptic mange, biting & sucking lice.

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CLiK™ EXTRA 65 mg/ml Pour-On Suspension for sheep contains dicyclanil and is indicated for the prevention of blowfly strike on sheep caused by Lucilia sericata or Wohlfahrtia magnifica. Legal category: POM-VPS.
Fasinex™ 240 Oral Suspension for cattle contains 24% w/v triclabendazole. Combinex™ Oral Suspension for cattle contains 7. 5% w/v levamisole hydrochloride and 12% w/v triclabendazole. Legal category: POM-VPS.
Flypor™ 4% w/v pour-on solution contains 4% w/v permethrin (cis:trans 80:20). Legal category: POM-VPS.

Information regarding the side effect, precautions, warning and contra-indications can be found in product packaging and leaflets; further information can also be found in the Summary of Product Characteristics. Advice should be sought from the medicine prescriber prior to use. Use medicines responsibly

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