CLiKZiN™ Pour On Suspension

CLiKZiN Pour On Suspension for prevention of blowfly strike in sheep

CLiKZiN™ Pour On Suspension

CLiKZiN™ Pour On is a water-based, ready-to-use pour on suspension containing 1.25% w/v dicyclanil, for the prevention of blowfly strike on sheep.

Key Features

  • Provides 8 weeks protection and contains FleeceBind™ technology for full fleece protection
  • Recommended for treatment in sheep 3 weeks post shearing
  • 7 days meat withdrawal

Packs available

CLiKZiN is available in the following bottle sizes: 2.2L; 5L

Product data sheet

CLiKZiN Product Information

Target activity of CLiKZiN

CLiKZiN prevents blowfly strike in sheep caused by Lucilia sericata. As an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR), CLiK stops blowfly larvae developing to the damaging second and third stage maggots, which cause flystrike.

CLiKZiN contains Fleecebind™ technology, which ensures the formulation spreads and binds to the lanolin, providing full fleece* protection.

Correct application of CLiKZiN™

Correct application of CLiKZiN™ is essential for optimal protection and prevention of blowfly strike. The animation here shows how to apply CLiK products using the four stroke technique:

How farmers use CLiKZiN™

Farmer Rich Morgan discusses how he uses the CLiKZiN™ to prevent flystrike in his sheep:

Special warnings for use in animals being treated with CLiKZiN

The product is best applied before an anticipated blowfly challenge, or when a blowfly challenge is identified on or in the vicinity of the farm. Established strikes may require a separate treatment with a knockdown insecticide.

It is recommended that animals with dirty back-ends are dagged prior to application. If dagging or crutching is undertaken in the weeks following application, these animals should be re-treated, otherwise protection could be lost.

Do not apply during heavy rainfall, or when such conditions are expected. The resulting wash out may reduce the protection period.

Special precautions to be taken by the person administering CLiKZiN to animals

  • Operators should wear synthetic rubber gloves, a face mask and PVC trousers when applying the product.
  • In case of skin contact remove contaminated clothing and thoroughly wash the affected parts of the body with soap and water.
  • In case of eye contact rinse eyes with clean water for several minutes and contact physician for advice.
  • In case of ingestion call for medical advice.
  • Always wash hands with soap and water after handling sheep and before eating and drinking or smoking.
  • Wash hands and exposed skin after working with recently treated sheep.
  • Do not eat, drink or smoke whilst using the product.

Handling sheep in the weeks following treatment:

  • Handle sheep as little as possible after treatment as residues remain on the fleece for some weeks.
  • If you need to handle sheep after treatment, wear coveralls and Wellington boots. If sheep are wet also wear waterproof trousers and coat.