Nematodirus in sheep

Nematodirus is a serious disease in lambs caused by the Nematodirus battus gastrointestinal (GI) worm. This is usually the first of the GI worms to affect lambs at the beginning of the grazing season; depending on the number of worm larvae ingested by lambs, it can cause severe disease or even death. It is vital to monitor the risk of Nematodirus, diagnose accurately and treat promptly if diagnosis is confirmed. It's important to note that other worms may also be present at the same time as Nematodirus, so it's worth doing a faecal egg count to check what's there.

Rycoben SC group 1-bz white drench sheep wormer

Rycoben™ SC

Broad spectrum wormer & flukicide with selenium & cobalt, for sheep and lambs.

Rycoben™ SC 2.5% w/v Oral Suspension for Sheep contains cobalt sulphate, ricobendazole and sodium selenate, and is indicated for the control of broad spectrum roundworms, tapeworms, lungworms and fluke in sheep. POM-VPS.

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