Protecting the future of UK sheep farming

Worm resistance is a problem that the vast majority of sheep farmers are all too familiar with. The problem is that the signs and symptoms are visible only after the damage is done and productivity and performance have already been affected.

Our Wake Up To Worm Resistance campaign raises awareness about the issues surrounding worm resistance so that the whole industry acts today and doesn’t 'sleep-walk' into the problem of anthelmintic resistance before it’s too late. It follows industry endorsement in 2020, where NSA, Moredun, SVS, SCOPS joined together to urge sheep farmers to incorporate the new wormer actives (4-AD, monepantel, Zolvix™ and 5-SI). Read the information in full.

This campaign builds on this message of waking up to resistance, by using the testimony of real farmers to demonstrate why investing in a 4-AD wormer like Zolvix is so important. Its an investment not just for short-term results, such as fatter and healthier lambs, but for the long-term well-being of both flock and farm, helping to safeguard your legacy for future farming generations and the UK sheep farming industry as a whole.

See the difference that using Zolvix has made to farmers Gregor and Neil, and why they genuinely believe it's Worth Every Penny.

Sheep at risk of parasites including worms

Roundworms in sheep

Roundworms cause productivity losses in sheep; learn more about strategies and treatment options.

Faecal Egg Counting indicates the worm burden in sheep

Faecal Egg Counting

Test, don't guess: faecal egg count to check worm burdens and the need to treat for worms.

Select the right wormer for your sheep

Sheep Wormer Checker

Select the right worming product at the right time.

Zolvix orange 4-AD monepantel sheep wormer


Group 4-AD orange wormer for use as a quarantine or mid-late break dose in sheep/lambs.

Fasimec Duo for worm and fluke control in sheep

Fasimec™ Duo

Fasimec Duo controls liver fluke and worms in sheep.

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